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"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness."
-Allen Ginsberg

 soul(s) searching

Bestest done got herself a room with a view.

We are primo primers.

Helped the bestest get work started on her apartment today and hung out in her closet.


-Hey, you think I should get a dog?

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"I think that Mulder and Scully getting together at the end of season 9, ending in a rainy motel room, it’s the perfect ending to the series. The watchwords of the series were the truth is out there, and I had felt for many years, that you know, corniest as it sounds, the biggest truth of the universe is love, is sorta this none physical thruth, it’s the bond that Mulder and Scully formed.

And yet, because of their partnership was based on this quest for the truth, they were kept from consumating their bond, it’s like their battle kept them from being together.

And I felt finally allowing them to be together, and how brief that moment was….but allowing them to be in a room together, and feel their love for each other, was the simpliest and most perfect way to end the show.”

Frank Spotnitz on X-Files Threads of Mythology: Ending TXF [x]

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"I feel very lucky to have all these characters at the same time. Everyone has been working very hard on the ground, trying to make this happen. So far it’s fine." [x]

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sunkrux asked: Mulder AND Scully

Why I like him: Cause he’s smart. He doesn’t just believe for believings sake. He backs up his faith in the unexplainable with knowledge. 
Why I don’t like him: He can be a douche when it suits him.
Favorite episode: Fire 
Favorite season: Three
Favorite line: “Nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted.”
Favorite outfit: The red speedo.
OTP: Mulder/Scully
BROtp: Mulder/TLG
Head canon: The brief moments he spend with Melissa Scully and his time with Monica Reyes are the only times in his life that the pain of losing his little sister ever truly faded.
A wish: Mulder just shutting up and listening, really listening, to Scully.
An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: I never want to see him try for custody of William. William’s safe, protected, and loved by a good family - Mulder’s interference would just bring pain.
Five words to best describe him: Contrary. Obtuse. Brilliant. Warrior. Brave. 
My nickname for them: I has none.

Why I like her: Because she has science and faith. She’s a skeptic who has to be won over. She’s not easy. She’s a puzzle. An enigma. 
Why I don’t like her: I really can’t think of anything.
Favorite episode: Sunshine Days
Favorite season: Nine
Favorite line: “Maybe if it rains sleeping bags you’ll get lucky.”
Favorite outfit: The plaid with the jeans and boots and ponytail in Ice.
OTP: Scully/Mulder
Headcanon: She never had a girl best friend before Monica Reyes - sure, she’d had girls that were friends but not a girl BEST friend.
A wish: I want to see Scully let loose and scream about all the pain and the hurt that she endured in seasons eight and nine. She’s kept so much of that bottled up - it would be interesting to see her really lose it. 
An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: Scully dying - I want Clyde Bruckman to be right.
Five words to best describe her: Believer. Faithful. Strong. Graceful. Compassionate.
My nickname for them: I has none.

"He’s not gonna fire you; he loves you."


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{ raindrops keep fallin’ on my head }
- hiking in the rain /// part two-


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A “mom had chemo; I have bronchitis” selfie brought you in black and white because I really need to dye my roots.